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Get the most out of your carpet

Carpet flooring is an amazing floor covering to add to many spaces, and for many reasons. As it’s always been, it’s one of the softest underfoot materials you’ll experience, while also providing excellent colors, designs, and patterns for the perfect match to any decor. Some of the newer features include increased durability and lifespan, featuring some of the best in protective characteristics. Overall, you’ll be very pleased with all that your home with gain with just a simple floor covering.

The Interiors Workshop of Naples, INC has more than 35 of history in which we have served our customers with premium quality floor coverings in some of the most stylish ways possible. We believe not just in creating floors, but rather a centerpiece for your home. Intrigue yourself as well as your guests with flooring materials that are sure to draw the eye. To see the amazing scope of offerings, visit us today at our showroom in Naples, FL. You’ll find flooring for remodels or new construction, whether residential or commercial. The bottom line is that we are here to supply your every need and our service professionals are standing by to assist you now.

What you can expect from carpet

The first thing that comes to mind for most homeowners when carpet is mentioned is the wonderful softness it provides underfoot. This helps create the homey and welcoming atmosphere in many homes across the country, while also being a great comfort to the residents. Another facet of enjoyment, both for residents and guests alike, is the wonderful variation in appearances. From solid colors to amazing patterns, there’s truly something here for everyone, no matter what decor styles you have to match.
Luxury carpet in Naples, FL from The Interiors Workshop of Naples, INC
Carpet can be an excellent floor covering for living rooms, hallways, and studies. These areas just seem cozier with this material in place. Private spaces such as bedrooms are also affected this way. Color can play a major part in these spaces, as different colors create different levels of ambiance. For instance, dark colors can help to draw in a larger space, making it feel more intimate and snug. Lighter and brighter colors have the opposite effect, opening up smaller spaces for a freer feeling. This can actually be exemplified with the use of mirrors and exceptional window treatments.

Make sure you utilize professional installation services when you purchase your carpet. Anything less could leave you with regrets.

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